We are in a generation-defining moment. Throughout the many days Sesame Flyers has seen over the course of 37 years, we have not seen or experienced days accelerating with momentum quite like

this. These times call for increased leadership in the community.  We understand people are looking for and need a clear understanding of what action agencies, like Sesame Flyers will take as we all continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 with a racial equity lens.

We have begun reflecting and taking a deep look at where we have thrived, and directing a flashlight on the areas where we have failed. We will build on our strengths and tighten up on the areas where we can show up more effectively for the community.

Sesame Flyers 3 Point Action Plan 

Developing Civic Leadership in Teens and Younger Youth

Our young people want to take action like never before. They are out in the street making their voices heard, while some need a bit more direction. They want to be seen, heard and counted. We will begin leading workshops in social media and civics so they learn how to create lasting changes in their community for the benefit of their generation and the ones that will come after. Strengthening our partnership with My Brothersí KeeperOmega Phi Phi Fraternity and other national and international Youth development institutions making comprehensive and coordinated support services widely available.

Economically Empowering Emerging Nonprofits and Initiatives

There are many local organizations and initiatives with the potential to better serve our community that lack the knowledge and tools to navigate city contracting and procurement opportunities.  We are looking to share our knowledge by providing virtual workshops with better use of technology and collaboration techniques, developing Partnerships with New York Urban LeagueCause Effect,  Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce all of which will expand our collective capacity.

Creating Pathways for Long Term Community Health Improvement

The current COVID-19 health crisis showed a disproportionate burden on Black communities and other communities of color. While health and nutrition disparities by race have been known for quite some time it is time we as a community do something about it. Education and engaging pathways for health will be presented to our community to participate and engage in developing partnerships with Caribbean Womensí HealthCure Violence and Universe City

Sesame Flyers has always known Black Lives Matter, but we want to remind you that You Matter. Here is a gentle reminder for our children that they matter.
You Matter Read Along with Christian Robinson

How YOU can take action!

Sesame Networking Resource List

We have amazing talents and gifts right in our Sesame Community. Letís network with each other. Sesame Flyers is developing a resource directory of business owners and people who can provide other resources. To be added to the list please go here.